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Welcome To Our Website!
What will you find here? Maps, paper models,
and everything necessary to aid game masters with good imaginations
We are Lord Zsezse Works, a small team consisting of Hungarian graphic designers and gamers. Our only goal is to make picturesque, quality maps and papercraft models for you.
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Why should you choose us?
If you love roleplaying games, whether online or in print, you've come to the right place!
You can find many different maps and papercraft models in a variety of styles and sizes.
Why wouldn't you choose us?
If you dislike gorgeous, full color maps and papercraft models,
if you dislike being able to turn 1" square grids on and off your maps as you please,
or if you just don't feel like rewarding your players with maps or three-dimensional RPG aids that will make their jaws drop to the gaming table,
then you've come to the wrong place. Sorry.

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